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Listed below are some of the commonly asked questions that many of the fans seem to ask.
Please take the time to look through the questions to see if any of these answer a question you may have.


Q: Do I have to purchase my tickets online?
A: No, but it is highly recommended to purchase advance tickets either online or at one of our ticket outlets, just to avoid a long wait in line. Tickets will be available at the door.

Q: I ordered my tickets on Monday and it’s Thursday and I still don’t have my tickets! What the hell
are you guys doing????
A: Answering a lot of questions from impatient people. Seriously, tickets for this year’s show are selling at a rate of 3 times last year’s advance tickets. Please be patient and allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery (there’s a lot of envelopes to address!)

Q: It’s Friday now and I still haven’t gotten my tickets. What gives?
A: Did you read my last reply?

Q: How much will the stars be charging for their autograph?
A: We leave that totally up to the stars themselves. On average, most charge about $20 for a signed color photo but each one is different.

Q: Are all the stars signing autographs?
A: Unless otherwise noted, all guests are signing during the posted autograph signing times.

Q: Is the toilet paper at the hotel one ply or two?
A: We’ve asked the hotel to provide 2 ply toilet paper to whomever asks for it.

Q: What time does the show start?
A: Dealer’s room and autograph rooms will follow the same hours. Please check the home page of the convention website for specific days and times.

Q: I purchased a weekend pass for $40. Do I get the hotel room with that too?
A: No, I’m sorry, the hotel charges a bit more than $10 a night for a room. When you buy a ticket at a movie theatre, does that entitle you to sleep over?

Q: What times do the movies and events start?
A: Please check the EVENTS and the FILMS pages for specific days and times.

Q: Is Robert Englund really coming????
A: No, we just said that to get your attention. Yes, Robert Englund is really coming. So is everyone else listed.

Q: I emailed you a list of stars that I’d like to see at this year’s show. Why didn’t you reply?
A: While we take all guest requests seriously, due to the sheer volume of emails we get, we can’t reply to every one. Rest assured, we take our fans’ suggestions very seriously.

Q: Is filming and cameras allowed at the show?
A: While we do allow cameras and recorders at the show, please remember to ask someone before taking their photo or filming them. Also, all Q&A’s and other events are the property of Monster-Mania Con and films or any recording of these events may not be sold by anyone other than Monster-Mania.

Q: Can you pick me up at the airport?
A: No, I may be a bit busy with the show.

Q: I can’t make it to the show so can you get the autographs I need and mail them to me if I pay you? A: No, I may be a bit busy with the show.

Q: I have just finished my own independent film using my cousin’s Camcoder and I’d like to debut it at Monster-Mania Con. Can I?
A: Nope.

Q: But it stars my hot cousin and she takes off all her clothes in the film.
A: In that case, send me a copy and I’ll let you know.

Q: Does Danielle Harris have a boyfriend and if not, do you think I have a chance?
A: Yes and No.

Q: Can I bring my Freddy Kruger glove and my Texas Chainsaw Massacre chainsaw?
A: Honestly, we have to play that one by ear. No one may walk around with any open objects considered to be dangerous. Please secure whatever objects like that you have and report what you have to the ticket desk or one of the staff members as soon as you enter the convention area. Please do not bring chainsaws that are ready to operate. Just bring in the blade, leave the motor outside. Immediately after getting your item signed, please take it to your room or your car. Please keep in mind that If the local police ask us not to allow such items, we will have to comply.

Q: Can I bring in a flamethrower?
A: No.

Q: Will there be food and refreshments sold at the Con?
A: Yes, there will be hotel staff selling various foods and drinks on the floor of the convention. There are also a few restaurants on the premises of the hotel.

Q: Will there be plenty of parking?
A: While the hotel has the largest parking lot of all the hotels in the area, the streets around the hotel also have parking areas so we hope everyone will be accommodated. Come early to ensure a spot.

Q: What came first, the chicken or the egg?
A: Next question.

Q: How much does a hen weigh?
A: About five pounds less than this mallet I’m gonna hit you with.

Q: I called your home at 3AM to ask you how you got started in this business but you didn’t answer the phone. How come?
A: WWWHHHAACCKKK!!! Ahem, anyone have any more questions?????


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